About us

The funding raised by the Wild Bird Foundation of America aims to use flagship endangered bird species as “ecosystem ambassadors” in their indigenous habitat. The beauty and freedom of wild birds “to chose safe places with their wings” is an example to us all. Our main objective is to advance the research in, education about and conservation of all birds in the wild as well as the related habitat. Focus will be placed primarily on African species that act as ecosystem and biodiversity indicators although other species and geographical areas will be considered as well. The Foundation will work with all interested and involved parties including governments, private sector, NGOs, education and research institutions, aviculture and bird-watching sectors without losing objectivity and independence.

In relation to habitat conservation, the Foundation will support the establishment of long-term biodiversity and environmental monitoring systems and community conservation projects that support sustainable livelihoods, transboundary cooperation around tourism development and wildlife security, and the management of important protected areas under public-private partnerships.

The Wild Bird Foundation of America supports a variety of Non-Profit projects in Southern Africa.

Projects include:

  • Habitat preservation, particularly in areas under threat from development

  • Community engagement and education

  • Wetland research and monitoring

  • Long term research and monitoring of wetland birds

  • Establishment and management of research camps in the Okavango River Basin

  • Exploring new river systems and their related ecosystems

  • Awareness campaigns of endangered bird species

  • Integrated Governmental and organizational involvement to protect and sustain wildlife and ecosystems

  • Supporting young scientists in research projects and fieldwork

  • Assessing alternative livelihoods in sensitive areas which promote community involvement and sustainable activities.

The Wild Bird Foundation of America is a charitable organization.